Donations to Antony Nolan Cancer Charity

totalled an amazing £720





Under the direction of our new Music Director

Deborah Allen Morgan


Accompanist Mike Silk

The soloist from left to right: Charlie, Gwyn,Ken

Kim & Sue, The Comedy Duo - Chris & , Vince


  It was a brilliant evening with a packed audience of

  200; and to think some of us had wondered if the 67 strong choir

  (our biggest yet!) would out number the audience! The Valentine's

  theme had clearly caught people's imagination.


  It was as Deborah explained so eloquently at the start of the    

  evening a night of first.









  As well as being the first time we had put on a Valentine's Concert,

  it was Deborah and Mike's  first  concert directing and

  accompanying us. It was the first time for some members of the

  choir singing solo pieces. It was the first time our guest soloist was

  an ex Billericay Girl. It was the inaugural performance as part of

  BCC for a number of the choir and audience.


  For the first time we continued directly from one song to the next

  when delivering  "Too Young  & When I Fall in Love" then later in

  the programme "Always and Something Stupid"


  The buzz at the end of the concert was amazing and the donations

  total astonishing!

Deborah and Mike put us through our paces in

the final rehearsal at BBC